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INFiLED Build a Fantastic xR Immersive LED Studio for Moto Group

SHENZHEN, China, July 20, 2021 – INFiLED, a leading global manufacturer of LED displays, recently completed a 270° curve LED wall for Moto Group’s production studio, a fantastic virtual production studio combining XR tech and MCS in China. The LED display wall made of INFiLED DB series creates gorgeous and lifelike scenarios, indoor and outdoor, for film-making, saving much time and cost.
As the largest commercial production platform in China, MOTO Group has set up top-level production studios in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. To optimize content quality and production efficiency, MOTO Group collaborated with INFiLED and built a brand new virtual production studio, an indoor arena, to implement creative ideas.


The studio’s 270° curve LED wall consists of 352 INFiLED DB2.6 LED panels, integrating INFiLED’s technological breakthroughs.

The DB series utilizes a specially designed black mask and exclusive black LEDs to generate extreme clarity and high contrast ratio images. Fast lock and main LED body protection design support easy installation and dissembling. In addition, cable-free panels and arc panels are available.

The powerful INFiLED DB series perfectly replicates different real-life scenarios of video shooting. Such as beaches in the twilight, bustling city nights, snow-shrouded maintains, scorching hot desert, and breezing wilderness, satisfying customers’ various requirements within the studio and consequently reducing cost and saving time.

INFiLED enjoys a high international brand reputation due to its solid product quality and superior customer service. As a global leader in LED displays, INFiLED will continue developing and providing optimal xR LED display solutions, making industry-leading innovations, and expanding the application of LED displays.


About the INFiLED DB series

INFiLED DB series is specially designed for rental applications with a narrow pixel pitch. The DB series generates a precise high contrast ratio and high grayscale images using a black mask made of finely selected material and high-end black LEDs. Edge protectors and bottom feet protect panels against damage from multiple directions. With a simple curving system and fast lock, the DB series is easy to install. In addition, a cable-free version is available.

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