Warsaw Central Square Pyramid

Rental AR Series Outdoor

INFiLED LED Display Pyramid Standing at Warsaw Central Square

Warsaw, Poland, February 3, 2021 — At Warsaw Central Square, a splendid multimedia pyramid made of INFiLED LED panels stood itself as an attraction due to its unique appearance, and impressed the audience with a fabulous visual feast at night for the celebration of the 29th Grand Finale Fundraiser.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, a Polish non-profit charity organization committed to offering children and seniors advanced medical care, initiated this project for its annual fundraising event on January 31st.

Panels of INFiLED AR series perfectly formed the LED display of a novel pyramid shape. With a total display area of 800 m2, the AR series proves itself as the best solution to this type of application by its prominent features such as light weight, high durability, and IP65 protection to withstand harsh environment. In addition, it is designed for easy installation, disassembly and maintenance, saving time and cost.

In the middle of the event, together with fireworks and other lights, the LED display pyramid presented an amazing digital show by generating clear and sharp images, and intrigued tremendous excitement among the viewers.

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