WT Series

Brilliant durability

WT Series is comfortable, ultra-thin, durable and offers the performance an indoor pixel pitch needs

Technology to enhance
the near-screen
viewing experience

The WT Series brings together the cutting-edge performance of ultra-thin COB and M4 display technology, ensuring durability against collisions, dust, and moisture. Ideal for indoor micro & mini fine pixel pitch applications.

With a 16:9 standard display ratio, a remarkable 3840Hz refresh rate, and an outstanding 15-bit grayscale, the WT series delivers extraordinary color expression. Seamlessly spliced with no visible black seams, it provides an exceptionally comfortable viewing experience. The incorporation of cold screen technology not only extends the product life but also enhances the near-screen viewing experience.

The ultimate solution

The WT series stands out as the ultimate micro & mini-pitch solution, catering to conferences, monitoring, command centers, studios, medical institutions, digital exhibition halls, and various other scenarios.

WT Series details
Pixel pitch 0.78, 0.93, 1.25mm
Brightness 600 – 800nits
CABINET SIZE (WxHxD) 600 x 337.5 x 29.4mm

In / Out Indoor
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WT Series markets


Key features
High visual performance
Infiled Infiled

Micro LED chips bring ultra-high contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1. 16:9 standard display ratio, 160° viewing angle, with 3840Hz high refresh rate and an outstanding 15-bit grayscale. This module can be easily fine-tuned and offers a seamless performance of a superb 35.2T display color and color gamut (DCI coverage) up to 95.97%.

High protection
Infiled Infiled

The COB and M4 LED technology highly protects the LED surface with anti-collision, dust-proof, and moisture-proof, which makes it robust and sturdy.

Ultra-thin design
Infiled Infiled

The module flatness is less than 0.05mm, the cabinet thickness is only 29.4mm.

Lightweight design
Infiled Infiled

The light cabinet design, weighing only 4kg, together with the adjustable mounting frames, makes the installation process faster and convenient.

Energy saving
Infiled Infiled

The flip-chip technology ensures energy saving and extends the LED life cycle.

Easy maintenance
Infiled Infiled

Run like the standard micro-pitch LED screen, the WT Series supports receiving cards and power supplies rear maintenance. Meanwhile, beside front service, the power and network cables connect from the back, significantly reducing maintenance losses.

Optional accessories
Infiled Infiled

The HDR10 technology, optional in the WT Series, significantly enhances color reproduction and contrast. With a more profound visual impact than SDR, experience more accurate colors, smoother lighting, nuanced color shading and incredibly detailed images.

The optional backup power and the signal loop guarantee the LED screen performs safely.

Screens and spaces come together to move forward
In / out
Pixel pitch
Physical density
Led arrangement
Module resolution (H/V)
Module dimensions
Cabinet resolution (H/V)
Cabinet dimensions
Cabinet weight
Max power consumption (W/Panel)
Avg power consumption (W/Panel)
Viewing angle (H/V)
Scan rate
Operating power source
Operating temperature
Refresh rate
Ip rating
Signal input source
* The specifications are subject to change

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