Datian Office Building

DOOH MV Series Outdoor

Datian Office Building uses MV series screens to spread advertisements

INFiLED MV series 600 square meters outdoor LED curved large screen

In December 2023, the INFiLED technical team installed a huge, curved screen in the facade wall of the Datian Office Building in Xincheng District, Hohhot. This screen with a size of 40m*15m applied the MV series, showing advertising in high clarity to the pedestrian with a high resolution of 6720*2520, and a pixel pitch of 5.95mm.

Datian Office Building is in the busiest commercial district in Hohhot, where food streets, electrical appliance malls, and clothing stores are gathered together. Since there are often a lot of people coming here to consume, the building investor intended to invest in a high-performance LED screen to display advertisements to consumers and eventually chose the MV series product that was favored by the DOOH market. The INFiLED technical team successfully installed the entire screen within a single day, leaving the investor highly content with their exceptional efficiency.


The screen installed on the exterior wall of the building had a beautiful arc shape with an extremely smooth curve. The content displayed on it can be seen from various locations near the building, thanks to its 160-degree horizontal viewing angle. Moreover, the MV series product’s LED life span exceeds 50,000 hours, and both front and rear surfaces reach an IP65 rating, allowing it to operate reliably outdoors for long periods.

As far as visual performance is concerned, it can display commercials with vivid colors on account of its 14-bit grayscale and 12000:1 contrast ratio. It also has a calibrated brightness of 5000 nits to ensure that it can be watched even under strong sunlight; As a quality outdoor screen, it can likewise show clear but not dazzling pictures in any other conditions, since its brilliant can be adjusted at 256 level from 0-100%.


About MV series

MV series is a superior LED display product, which is broadly applied to a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios, including city squares, commercial pedestrian zones, and transportation hubs. With the durable aluminum profile frame and high IP rating, the series can maintain efficient and stable work without being affected by direct ultraviolet rays, continuous vibration, and severe weather conditions.

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