Shanghai Nanjing East Road Henderson Celebrity Shopping Center

Retail DOOH MV Series Outdoor

An ultra-large screen made of INFiLED for Henderson Metropolitan

In August, INFiLED technicians mounted a 187-square-meter screen on the façade of the Henderson Metropolitan Shopping Center in Huangpu District, Shanghai. The screen was applied to deliver information about events in the shopping center and commercials about relevant brands.

Henderson Metropolitan is located in the core business zone of Shanghai – Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Mall. It has a comprehensive shopping area of about 35,450 square meters on 9 floors, including the Apple Store, NIKE Kicks Lounge, FILA FUSION, and other flagship stores of recognized brands. With the growing demand for brand promotion, it intended to make an outstanding display project.


Taking into account that the installation scene of the project is outdoor, Henderson Metropolitan resolved to adopt INFiLED MV series screen as its display solution. This series has high protection of IP65 with an enclosure that prevents the intrusion of dust and liquids to avoid deterioration of the screen elements. Moreover, it supports operation in an environment of -20℃ to 50℃, even in extreme weather of high temperature or severe cold, its operation remains stable and undisturbed.

In addition to being reliable in operation, the MV series is also excellent in technical design. It features advanced light sensors that automatically adjust the brightness according to the surroundings, keeping the screen content highly visible. Further, it has a DMS (Display Monitoring System), which can provide real-time status data of the screen to the operating backend through the cloud server, including temperature, power, fault warning, etc., so that technicians can perform timely maintenance.


About MV series

MV series is a superior LED display product, which is broadly applied to a variety of advertising promotion scenarios, including city squares, commercial pedestrian zones, and transportation hubs. Featuring a slim and lightweight aluminum profile system frame, this series possesses high durability to withstand harsh environmental factors such as direct UV rays, constant vibrations, and severe weather conditions. It is a reliable choice for DOOH which provides exceptional and vivid image quality with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast under any light condition.

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