MV Series

The display to make outdoor advertising shine anytime, anywhere

MV Series Delivers great image excellence, even in the most demanding environments.
MV Series

Vivid visuals under
any lighting condition

Lightweight yet robust, the MV Series presents a high-performance LED solution for fixed installations, striking a harmonious balance between quality and cost-effectiveness for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Designed as a value-added solution, the MV Series caters to diverse fixed advertising needs, encompassing city squares, commercial pedestrian zones, and transportation hubs. The slim and lightweight aluminum profile system frame of the MV Series ensures a delicate equilibrium between weight and durability, making it resilient against harsh environmental factors like direct UV rays, temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and severe weather conditions.

Vivid visuals

A dependable choice for Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), the MV Series guarantees exceptional image quality with high brightness, a rapid refresh rate, and optimal contrast, delivering vivid visuals under any lighting condition.

MV Series details
Pixel pitch Indoor: 2.9, 3.9, 5.9, 7.8mm,
Outdoor: 2.9, 3.9, 5.9, 6.9, 7.8, 10.4, 12.5mm
Brightness 1000 – 10000nits
CABINET SIZE (WxHxD) 500x500mm, 500x1000mm, 1000x500mm, 1000x1000mm
In / Out Indoor – Outdoor
All specifications
MV Series markets


Key features
Full protection
Infiled Infiled

The MV Series is crafted with an aluminum profile system frame, providing enhanced durability and stability compared to conventional magnesium panels.

With front and rear IP65 waterproof levels, it guarantees seamless and reliable operation in variable and extreme weather conditions.

Ultra-thin & lightweight design
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MV panel depth is only around 86mm, with an edge depth that is 22mm thinner than die-casting cabinets and a remarkable 89mm thinner than traditional metal sheet cabinets.

The improved lighter design eliminates unnecessary hardware elements, making it approximately 10kg per sqm lighter than die-casted cabinets and a significant 45kg per sqm lighter than traditional metal sheet cabinets.

Easy maintenance
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The universal LED modules of the MV Series offer interchangeability, facilitating effortless installation and maintenance from both front and rear access points.

The separate and exchangeable power and data units can be readily removed for seamless servicing and repair.

High Brightness
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A reliable choice for DOOH which provides exceptional and vivid image quality with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast under any light conditions. MV series has superior image quality in the most challenging environments.

Multiple sizes
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MV series offers multiple panel dimensions. Panels are available at 1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, 500x1000mm, and 500x500mm sizes for any application.

Smart management solutions
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Global Display Monitoring System (DMS) allows remote live monitoring of the screen’s key working conditions and functionality. It only requires a standard Internet connection.

The operator can also log into the system remotely and check the live conditions of the screen – temperature, power supply, etc.

Light-controlling sensor available for day and night automatic brightness adjustment is a perfect energy-saving solution.

Compatible with MV Edge Series
Infiled Infiled

The MV EDGE series is a good solution for installations requiring smooth curves and comes as an addition to the standard INFiLED MV series and is designed for fixed outdoor convex applications.

Each module measures 125x250mm allowing it to form smooth curves while connected seamlessly to a larger MV LED display.

Screens and content united to cause impact
In / out
Pixel pitch
Physical density
Led arrangement
Module resolution (H/V)
Module dimensions
Cabinet resolution (H/V)
Cabinet dimensions
Cabinet weight
Max power consumption (W/Panel)
Avg power consumption (W/Panel)
Viewing angle (H/V)
Scan rate
Operating power source
Operating temperature
Refresh rate
Ip rating
Signal input source
* The specifications are subject to change

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